4 Reasons you should never cling to your past

Reasons you should never cling to your past

All our life, we’ve been told that our past defines us. But if the past defines us, then what’s the point of our future? Should we repeat the same things we have done in the past? Despite what we have been told, the past should not have any power over us except for lessons. Without these lessons, we will repeat the same mistakes we’ve made repeatedly with no will to improve. However, those who cling to the past face consequences far more damaging than the obstacles in the path of improvement. There are many reasons why a person should never cling to their past, but among these are the four important reasons we should know of:

1.    No Improving as a human being

Any organism, from birth to its death, is in a constant state of evolution but for human beings, the case is quite more complicated than viruses and animals. We are far more complex than other living things. We have a reason which makes us moral beings. But being capable of reason means we are the ones with different views and perceptions, which often hurt others. Our way of life, words, and actions break and as well as mend hearts. In short, we make mistakes, but we can redo things differently by not repeating the same mistakes again. If we cling to our past and ponder over our regret, we let go of our chance to improve and become a better person. We simply do not improve as human beings, which takes away the true beauty of human beings.

2.    Missing out opportunities

We all have ambitions and aspirations of what we want to become professionally. However, things do not always fall into our plans which demotivates us and takes us away from our goals. But when things don’t happen according to our plans that don’t our goals are unattainable, as failures are part of our life. Everyone at some point in their lives fails, but if we hold onto the fear of failure of the past then our aspirations become unattainable. Clinging onto the failures takes out the will to try again and miss opportunities that may bring us closer to our goal.

3.    Impact on Relationships

We strive for relationships with others by our side, we feel more comfortable and wanted, and above all, we feel alive. Having a partner by our side is a blessing that makes us happy and takes away our misery. However, relationships aren’t as easy as it sounds. It takes courage to maintain a healthy relationship. One has to be mature at all levels. Bringing past massively impacts relationships as couples often highlight past mistakes which trigger anger, misery, and sadness. Moreover, bringing the past into conversations always takes away the courage one musters up to change. For some, the past is hurtful, so it impacts both gravely.

4.    Live the moment

To truly live is to embrace the moment those who live in the never really experience the beauty of life. Worrying about the things done and said in the past does not shape the future, but if one is living in the past, one will miss out on the present. The present is our life, the now and forever, and as for the past, it is non-existent as we aren’t living in it anymore, we can never go back in the past and mend our present, but we can live in the future and make amendments for our mistakes, forgive those who hurt us and continue moving forward. We should live in the moment and give our everything for it, love everyone, and erase hatred.


Our life is a circle, a cycle of our decisions. The circle doesn’t mean the start of the circle defines us. The circle simply means that the current will predict the future, not the past. We should focus on our present rather than clinging to our past. Past is hurtful but is full of lessons, so the only thing we should take with us is what we have learned so far. See-through our shortcomings and become a better version of ourselves. Many upcoming authors are now highlighting the issues with clinging to our past and among these authors is Karen Lawson, renowned for her historical fiction series centered around the White Family. Through her novels, such as “Sercie Hill,” “Summit Street,” and “Bitsy and Clara,” Lawson skillfully imparts valuable insights that by learning from our mistakes, embracing new opportunities, fostering healthy relationships, and living in the moment, we can truly experience the beauty of life and become better versions of ourselves.