Five reasons why History defines us?


History is rich and full of people, art, and culture. The very proof we have with us explains the phenomenon we have today. Without history, we are nothing but species striving aimlessly. It is through history that we find a purpose in our lives. We progress and learn through our past actions, and our history has laid it out for us. However, as important as history is, it is important to understand what history is.

What is History?

History encompasses the examination of transformations that occur throughout time, spanning various facets of human society. It involves investigating the progression of politics, society, economics, science, technology, medicine, culture, intellect, religion, and military affairs.

History serves a great purpose with which we become indispensable and destined to achieve greatness both as a society and individually. Here are the five reasons why history defines us.

1. Understanding our Roots

What defines us as individuals is our identity as to who we are, where we come from, and why we are the way we are. The jurisdiction of who, where, and whys lies within our roots. With 8 billion people currently inhabiting this huge green and blue ball of rock, we all come from different roots that are our prideful races. With different races, we bring forth different cultures that eat, drink, live, and dress differently. The subtle beauty of each race is beautiful and rich, and knowing our history of culture, we live to honor it.

2. Learning from the Past

Our past is our mentor that teaches us the lessons from our past. As humans, we are the smartest species, but our ability to make mistakes and learn from them makes us smart. Making mistakes and learning from them is the antidote to growth and progress. As moral beings, it is our responsibility to learn from the mistakes made by people of the past, our ancestors, and our parents. In a way, we are indebted to the people of the past who helped us become a better version of ourselves.

3. Shaping our Worldview

Historians study our ancient past and go deep into historical figures and civilizations. When delving into the old civilizations and leaders’ historians study how those civilizations lived and how their leaders ruled. Among the detailed analysis, they also identify why it was that the once-celebrated and everlasting empires failed. Our history is filled with hereditary power, but we realized that powers from hereditary rule gave birth to tyranny as it took away the people’s voice, and so democracy was introduced. Today we continue to study our past and learn how to shape our worldview for a prosperous future.

4. Our Technological Progress

Everything technological tool and invention we see around us, such as aircraft, buildings, mobile phones, and many more, is a relic of the past. Everything we use today was worked on centuries ago. Once they started it, the idea gave birth, and they started working on it, and with the continuation of the idea today, we explored and invented something new. Maths was discovered in 3000 BC, and algebra was invented in the 9th century by Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, and today NASA uses these for space exploration.

5. Preserving History

We value history, which is self-explanatory why we love it so much. Efforts throughout the world by many historians, with the cooperation of the governments, are made to ensure the artifacts, books, and lessons are well preserved so humanity can reap all the benefits they can from them. Museums are built to honor our history, and thousands of people visit daily to cherish them.


Someday we, too, will become a part of the history. Every decision we make collectively and individually is being written for the people of the future. Our contributions to society matter, so we should live carefully but creatively. Authors today are contributing gravely to ensure our actions help the future progress. Karen Lawson, an upcoming author in her historical fiction series “The White Family,” highlights the importance of our history and how decisions of the past scar us, but our present holds the power to heal and progress. Her book series comprising Sercie Hill, Summit Street, and Bitsy and Clara are a must-read for all those who value history and cherish the idea of making the world a better place.