From Atrocities to Revolution: The Power of Zero-Tolerance Against Racism

Karen j lawson

Have you ever been a victim or witnessed racism? Chances are you most probably have. Racism is, unfortunately, a phenomenon of which occurrence is quite common even today. The most common and relevant example is the discrimination that people of color, specifically black Americans, usually face.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, and unfortunately, the atrocity of this has passed down some generations. The feeling of resentment has continued and cost the lives of many innocents, but on the brighter side, change has brought a long overdue revolution. We, as a noble and ethical society, are making a difference and eradicating the cruelties that, like a disease, have taken a grip from generations.

In our life, be that our work, home, neighborhood, or even social media have applied a zero-tolerance policy on racial discrimination, and only after we rid ourselves of the atrocities of shameful negligence will we truly begin to contribute towards making a noble and loving society. By doing so, not only will we reap the benefits, but so will our next generation and the generation after that.

One and the most authentic way of influencing your life is by reading books. You will find many books that will work as a pillar to build yourself a strong base of powerful principles. Karen Lawson, an author, is a major contributor to this revolutionizing effort. Her White Family series consisting of Service Hill, Summit Hill, and Bitsy and Clara, is historical fiction that masterfully touches the boundaries of racism and works as a guide who wants to make their better.