How to Cherish Love?

cherish love

Love, the most magnificent of emotions, is the ultimate driving force that sustains our existence. It is an essential element that prevents us from descending into callousness and mindlessness, as we would otherwise mercilessly deplete the feeble souls inhabiting this planet. Love, in all its grandeur, imbues us with a resplendent beauty that pervades every facet of our being, surpassing all other sentiments. It bestows upon us a profound purpose and empowers us to shield and safeguard while simultaneously fostering selflessness within us. Nevertheless, love is far from being facile; it is one of the most arduous and unforgiving emotions when not nurtured. Understanding how to cherish love becomes imperative, for although it may grace us all, its tenure is fleeting. Herein lie a few strategies to cultivate and treasure love.

1. Express your Love

For some individuals, conveying love can be a challenging endeavour. However, love inherently demands expression. It necessitates the appreciation and verbal affirmation of one’s affection towards others, assuring them that they are cherished and offering reassurance that brighter days await. Love diminishes when it remains confined within the recesses of our hearts, unspoken and unexpressed. Hence, it is crucial to confess our profound adoration to those we hold dear, consistently articulating our emotions on a daily basis. Both actions and words hold significant importance and should be embraced with pride.

2. Act in Kindness

Life is not synonymous with comfort; it presents us with numerous circumstances that may lack pleasure or enjoyment, be it in our professional endeavours, educational pursuits, or simply in the course of our existence. If we allow ourselves to surrender to these distressing moments, we risk being overwhelmed by stress and plunging into depression. However, one powerful tool aids us in coping with such challenges: kindness. Kindness serves as the genesis and fortifier of love. Extending kindness to those traversing life’s formidable trials, embracing their impetuousness, and responding with compassion helps us navigate these difficulties and foster the nurturing of love. It is a quality that elicits and inspires love, enabling us to cherish it even in adversity.

3. Spend Quality Time

Allocating quality time to spend with someone entails being fully engaged and present at the moment, actively listening and responding with undivided attention. In the present era, the usage of cell phones has become a pervasive pastime. Regardless of whether we are free or occupied, we often find ourselves engrossed in our mobile devices. However, if we desire to cherish love, it is vital to prioritize spending uninterrupted and technology-free moments with others. By refraining from the use of phones during conversations, we demonstrate our commitment to being fully present, conveying the message that the person in front of us holds our undivided focus and importance. In doing so, we cultivate deeper connections and strengthen the bonds of love.

4. Listening Actively

One of the most potent qualities inherent to humans is the ability to listen with genuine consideration. As moral beings, we possess the capacity to reason, make judgments, take action, and communicate accordingly. When we engage in active listening or are attentively heard when we speak, it evokes a profound sense of significance. We feel valued and desired, and this, in turn, bolsters the strength of our love, allowing it to flourish and be cherished. To cultivate this, it is crucial to practice active listening, maintaining meaningful eye contact, and setting aside distractions such as our phones. By wholeheartedly immersing ourselves in the act of listening, we create an environment that nurtures love and fosters deeper connections.

5. Maintaining Respect

Respect holds immense power and serves as a source of empowerment. Extending respect to others allows them to recognize and embrace their inherent worth, fostering a reciprocal exchange. Respect involves accepting individuals as they are and acknowledging their unique qualities and perspectives. It is crucial to understand that each person possesses distinct traits and opinions. Instead of imposing our own desires upon them for personal gain, it is essential to cultivate respect. Doing so creates an environment that nurtures love, enabling us to cherish and preserve it. Respect becomes a foundation for authentic connections, where individuals feel valued and honoured for their true selves.


Love indeed requires commitment in order to be cherished. It is disheartening that many individuals have developed a distorted perception of their own worth due to the lack of reminders from those around them. However, there are authors like Karen Lawson who are dedicating their literary talents to shed light on the beauty of love. In her captivating series, “The White Family,” Lawson delves into the essence of love, offering valuable lessons on its significance. The Historical fiction is a three-part series, comprised of “Sercie Hill,” “Summit Street,” and “Bitsy and Clara,” which serves as a poignant reminder to cherish and embrace love in all its forms. Through her work, Lawson invites readers to explore the depths of love and discover its transformative power.