We are primarily born with love, and as we grow, we adapt to certain things, and by only adapting to such things, we begin to evolve and grow. Having an inborn capability to love, we also deal with loss, as loss is the price of love such is the beauty of life. We love when we are born, we lose as we live, and when we lose love, we learn, and by learning, we begin to live truly. Everyone makes mistakes, as it is a human natural process. Dealing with those mistakes maturely makes us strong and beautiful.


Love triumphs over all emotions. Love gives life meaning, so we live to cherish and maintain it, but whom do we love? The earth is round, and everyone somehow is connected, whether through blood, friends, country, language, religion, or our mutual interests and beliefs. It is evident that we should love everyone, and hate is baggage, but there are some people in our small and finite lives that we should love more than we love ourselves. However, it is important and extremely necessary to love ourselves within boundaries. We should not cross the succumbing deluded line of narcissism. One should love and be a little selfish under the condition that we do not harm others. People often become narcissists, which leads to hatred and jealousy. 

Whom should we Love?

As said before, we should love everyone, but our friends and family share a special place in our hearts. We grow fond of them and become afraid of losing them. Our fear consumes us, but that fear makes us value those bonds.


The first person that we fall in love with is our mothers. Out of all the relationships that we create through our lifetime the most indispensable, beautiful, and strongest is the love a mother gives us. The love gifted to us by our mother is a debt that can never be repaid, and the irony of this relationship is that our mothers never ask it back whether we love them back or not, they will continue to love us as long as we are here. After all, our most heavenly sleep was in our mothers’ arms. Unfortunately, as we grow through our stages of life, we become rebellious and defy our own parents.


Our friends hold a special place in our hearts, and we owe all to them for making our life fun and tolerable. Sharing secrets and heartbreaks just so we can get some weight off our shoulders. Crying over things that don’t even matter, but it is for our friends to lend us their ears and listen to our problems. No matter how hard life gets, a moment with our friends makes everything worth it.


Life is the accumulation of our past, present, and future. Our soulmates are our future, and this is the relationship that we hold most close to us. The comfort and solace given to us by our lovers is indescribable. It is only due to our soulmates that we truly began to love ourselves and see the world from the eyes of beauty. The list goes on. If we start counting whom we should love, we will realize that we aren’t alone.


Love gives rise to a deep-seated fear of losing the cherished individuals in our lives. Inevitably, along the journey, we experience the gradual departure of people, whether due to the finality of death or the passage of time. Regardless of the reasons, this separation leaves an enduring scar that we carry with us for the duration of our existence. However, the memories of those who have left continue to exist within us, a testament to the lasting impact they made. Their presence transcends physical proximity, living on through the recollections we hold dear, providing solace and a connection that withstands the boundaries of time and space.


A loss, devoid of learning, becomes a missed opportunity for growth. Just as love and its subsequent loss are inescapable facets of life, so too is the chance to glean wisdom from these experiences. Each loss carries within it a valuable lesson, a tiny solace or remedy, guiding us towards avoiding unfortunate events or emphasizing the significance of cherishing those who surround us. Within the depths of sorrow lies the potential for enlightenment, prompting us to reevaluate our priorities, foster deeper connections, or appreciate the transient nature of existence. By embracing the teachings embedded within loss, we transform adversity into a catalyst for personal evolution and a reminder of life’s fragile beauty.


Love, Loss, and Lesson are the pillars among many other pillars of life. Life becomes a full circle with these three pillars, and each of these pillars shares its beauty in our lives. It gives us strength to love and hold dear to what’s important. Upcoming authors are carrying on the light to give strength to carry on and love. Karen Lawson, an upcoming author, with her debut novel series “The White Family,” highlights the importance of love and friendship. The historical fiction books: Sercie Hill, Summit Street, and Bitsy and Clara are beautiful portrayals of Love, Loss, and Lessons.

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