The Indebting Service of the Authors

indebting service

Book reading has been a cherished practice since the earliest recorded history, from hieroglyphics to modern audiobooks. It’s safe to say that this timeless pursuit isn’t going anywhere, despite technological advancements. Whether your preference lies in fiction or nonfiction, everything we consume, see, and do is influenced by literature.

Books serve as the foundation for movies, TV series, games, and even inspiring leaders and notable personalities. The impact of a book on a reader’s mind is immense and can benefit an even wider audience. From spine-chilling thrillers to heart-warming romantic tales, from fantastical stories to nostalgic historical fiction, and from wise philosophy to educational books, each genre offers unique services to humanity.

Writers are indebted to humanity for their creative and everlasting service. Every book that a reader consumes has a lasting impact on their personality, contributing to their development for the greater good. As a moral responsibility, it’s crucial for readers to share and spread what they’ve learned from their reading, incorporating their unique experiences and creativity to make the world a better place.

Today, authors like Karen Lawson continue the legacy of their predecessors by creatively fictionalizing social issues in historical fiction series like The White Family. Novels such as Sercie Hill, Summit Street, and Bitsy and Clara offer guidance to readers seeking to escape their traumatic past and move forward.

Let us cherish the power of books and the service they provide to humanity, both now and for generations to come.