The Unfair Trials of Life

The Unfair Trials of Life

Life is a beautiful and worthy experience, deserving of celebration. However, when asked about how life treats them, many individuals often respond with a brief answer accompanied by years of exhaustion, simply stating, “Just getting by.” In these responses, there is a lack of excitement and joy. Nevertheless, there is also an absence of extreme misery or sadness, with weariness being the predominant feeling. Describing this fatigue may be challenging, yet it is somewhat comprehensible. Life can deplete our laughter, but it is also life itself that presents us with moments of joy, sorrow, and countless other experiences that make us feel truly alive. To genuinely appreciate life’s vibrancy, we must exercise patience, as good things often come to those who wait. However, why is it that we sometimes perceive life as unfair? What leads us to believe that the burden is too much to bear? While certain circumstances may provoke such sentiments, we can only grasp the hidden significance behind our struggles if we pay close attention.

Uncertainties in Health

The vitality of an individual largely stems from their health. Health is considered our most precious possession, but it requires effort, time, and sacrifices to maintain. Those who prioritize self-care and invest in their well-being lead healthier lives, minimizing the pain, financial burden, and emotional trauma caused by health problems and diseases. However, this ideal scenario does not always play out, as health issues can unexpectedly grip individuals, affecting their mental state and depleting their physical strength. It is essential to always take care of ourselves, and if we do fall ill, we should be grateful for the gift of life. Our sickness serves as a reminder of how unappreciative we have been towards the beauty of life. We should harness our strength to find joy in life’s true beauty, offering prayers of gratitude for the health and life we have been granted.

Loss of a Loved One

One of life’s most challenging trials occurs when we experience the loss of someone dear to us. Companionship is a fundamental need in our lives, whether it comes from friends, family, or romantic partners. Sharing our journey with loved ones makes life bearable and brings us joy. However, as uncertain as life is, we inevitably encounter the loss of those we hold dear at some point. When this loss occurs, it shatters us emotionally. Whether it is through a person leaving us and embarking on a different path or through death, it leaves behind an irreplaceable void but imparts valuable lessons. The loss of a loved one teaches us to cherish our relationships, fostering compassion, affection, and open communication, while reminding us of the importance of addressing and resolving differences.

Financial Setbacks

Money holds significance in our lives. The adage “money doesn’t buy happiness” is neither entirely false nor entirely true; money does have its importance. It provides comfort and allows us to focus on other aspects of life, such as relationships. However, money possesses no beliefs or motivations and can betray us without warning at any point in life. We can never fully safeguard ourselves against its uncertainties, as it can come and go. When financial setbacks occur, stress and depression can take hold, as the entire family’s well-being becomes dependent on financial stability. Clothing, food, education, and shelter all rely on money. It is crucial to cultivate adaptability and diverse skills rather than relying solely on one source of income. During times of financial crisis, we must remain steadfast, patient, and resilient, adapting to the circumstances and continuing to move forward. Financial setbacks serve as reminders of how ungrateful we have been, highlighting the need for appreciation and prudent financial management.


The challenges and hardships that make us perceive life as unfair ultimately serve as reminders of our ingratitude toward life. It is often only after we lose the things or people dear to us that we truly appreciate their value. Unfortunately, this realization often comes when it is too late. In recent times, many emerging authors are shedding light on these issues and offering guidance on how to navigate life’s changes. One such author is Karen Lawson, known for her historical fiction series, the White Family. Through her novels, including “Sercie Hill,” “Summit Street,” and “Bitsy and Clara,” Lawson imparts valuable lessons that can help readers understand and appreciate the beauty of life. These books are highly recommended for those seeking a deeper understanding of life’s intricacies.