Why is Family important?


Compared to the vastness of the universe and the infinite loop of time, our life is minuscule, like a grain of sand on a subcontinent of the desert. We are smaller than the mountains, the oceans, and the planets. So why are we important? We haven’t lived our life fully, yet we feel as if we have been alive for centuries when in reality, we haven’t even lived our fullest.

With so many people around us, we still feel empty and old, and as time performs its wise duty to never-end and never-stop, the emptiness inside us expands. The irony is that the things that are supposed to make us feel wanted eventually to become why we feel empty and alone.

However, some things are here to make us feel wanted, making the staged damnation of our life more bearable, and that is family. Family is the pillar of our life. We live to believe that the world is selfish, so we spend our lives carefully and are aware of whom to mend our relationships with. With family, we can let our guard down as we trust them; we know that these are the only people with whom there is no fear of being used and manipulated. Of the countless reasons, here are the top reasons why family is the strongest and most sacred bond of our lives.

Emotional Support

Life has many meanings, one of which is trials and tribulations. Our whole life, at every stage, we found ourselves in tests and choices to choose from that define us. Through these trials, we are shaped and broken, and when life breaks us that is the stage where we drown in the sorrow of loneliness and self-doubt. We seek emotional support, and unfortunately, at this point, the world turns its back on us. In a time of dire need, our family becomes our emotional support. They become the shoulder to cry on and provide us with the comfort that we so desperately need.

Sense of Belonging

In our daily life, there are so many people around us, and with so many, we feel isolated. We are not alone in this; all 8 billion people feel the same. We want someone in our lives that are special, with whom we can be comfortable sharing our weaknesses and insecurities. Our family knows us. They know what makes us uncomfortable, and knowing us, they treat us to make us feel comfortable.

Shared Responsibilities

The characterization of a good person comes from the jurisdiction of how responsible he is. A person who timely performs his duty is a responsible person. However, being responsible is not an inborn trait. It is the lifelong effort of consistency and hard work. Growing up in a Family, we are given responsibilities when we are kids, we perform small tasks like making our beds or putting our dishes in the sink, and as we grow up, our tasks turn into significant duties such as taking care of the bill, running errands, and much more. Through our parents’ upbringing, we become more responsible for taking care of ourselves and our families.

Learning and Growth

As mentioned before, our whole life is a set of tests and trials; through these trials, we learn and grow. However, it is important to realize that accepting failure and learning from it takes strength and courage. It requires facing some facts towards which we are blind to our family, who know us for who we are and reminds us truly of our shortcomings. Overall, our parents lived a similar life of trials. We learn from them and the mistakes they made. They guide us throughout our life, and we grow through them.


We never know when our last day on earth is, and our life is unpredictable. We live every day as our last, and although you must have read the phrase ‘live dangerously,’ It doesn’t mean live carelessly. We should live carefully and cherish our relationships and, specifically our family. A rising author, Karen Lawson, emphasizes the significance of familial bonds and the necessity of standing together. Karen Lawson, in her captivating historical fiction series titled The White Family series, consisting of Sercie Hill, Summit Street, and Bitsy and Clara, masterfully imparts the importance of cherishing and valuing our families. Her books are a must-read for those who value the bonds of families.